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Stef Franken Artist

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Understanding realistic abstract art is easy: all it requires is an open mind and a big imagination. Stef Franken was born in Dutch East Indies. He was born of Dutch -Indonesian parents. Drawing is something Stef has been doing since his birth. Stef was trained at the Design Academy Eindhoven/ The Netherlands. 

Great Art has to say something. Well, that's absolutely true ! With my art, I try to bring something to the attention. My Artworks are mostly about children, their mothers and the future. Children are the people of today and tomorrow. Unfortunately, many children and their mothers suffer daily in war zones all over the world. 
My Artworks are mostly about children, their mothers and the future. Children are the people of today and tomorrow. Unfortunately, many children and their mothers suffer daily in war zones, abuse and slavery all over the world. 

Through my art, I would like to bring this big problem to your attention. 
People say that this big problem is a conflict between good and evil. Well, that is true, but it is also a conflict between truth and lies.

Children should be happy, Children should not be hungry, Children should not live in war zones, Children should not be discriminated because of their skin color or belief. Children should be free to play and just be happy ... !!

For each sold artwork, I will donate 15% charity for children who suffer daily in war zones all over the world. I try to convince other artists and gallery owners to do the same.

Warm regards,

Stef Franken. 

The Netherlands.

Recently I started with an Art Collective. The members of the Art Collective are almost known. They are Artists of different ages, generations and cultures. It consists of male and female members. The basis of the Art Collective are the Dutch Artists Pepijn van Achterberg and Stef Franken who has his roots in Bali. To be continued.

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Stef  Stef Franken Artist

Stef Franken Artist

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Stef Franken 

Stef Franken was born in the Dutch East Indies, BALI. He was born out of Dutch / Indonesian parents. Drawing is something that Stef has been doing since his birth. At the primary school he stood out because of his drawing work. As a child, Stef was a calm and shy boy, but his work at school caught him. Everyone knew him as 'Steffie the Artist'. Almost all pupils asked him to make a drawing of them, of course in Caricature or Cartoon style.

Stef followed his education at the High School in Eindhoven in the Netherlands. Stef was also noticed at this school by his Art. The Art Teacher at this school was so enthusiastic about Stef's drawing, that he liked to see Stef draw on a large drawing sheet on the schoolboard during the Artlessons. The pupils of the school find the Art of Stef amazing.

Stef's father gave him a 3-year American drawing course at the age of 14, The Famous Artist School, then based in Amsterdam Osdorp. Stef was very happy with it and finished the course. The American Art school still exists, see link, a great education. After High school Stef followed a education at the Academy Industrial Design Eindhoven/ Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands.

At the moment Stef runs his own company called for 12 years. This company organizes Art & Culture accommodation weekends in Centerparcs for children and teenagers with an Autism spectrum (A.S.S.) and children and teenagers with ADHD. A group is working on reducing and controlling psychological, social and emotional disorders: such as anti-social behavior, oppositional defiant behavior, closedness, and (failing) fears. Working on uncertainty and increasing self-esteem, acceptance that it is good as you are. Especially enjoying this and achieving the desired result feeds the self-worth. Sports especially to dare to challenge such as (wall climbing, Archery, High Adventure at 15 meters height) pushing boundaries and where competition means a challenge.

The main goal of such a weekend in Centerparcs and the reason why so many children join is learning Drawing and Painting. During such a weekend, much focused Art education is provided. Besides the Art weekends, also organizes Arts & Culture trips to Crete, Rhodes, Mallorca, America / California and the beautiful Tropical island of BALI. In addition, Stef also gives drawing and painting lessons to children and teenagers from the age of 6. This group of children have no restriction.

In the past, Stef has often worked in the Advertising world. Cartoonist at municipal newspapers and newspapers. Various Management positions, mostly as Supervisor at, among others, the Banking and the tax authorities in Eindhoven in the Netherlands.

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